Advantages and disadvantages of the road trip

Many people are wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of the road trip. The road trip is primarily a vacation style and the question is whether it will suit you or not and it can meet your holiday expectations. Here is a small list of advantages and disadvantages, although these are unique to everyone and […]

Post travel depression

Post travel depression You will always receive advice from people on how to behave when traveling abroad. You are advised on how to cope with different cultures and morals, what to do and what to avoid. However, nobody tells you what to do when you get back home. There are different emotional changes that one […]

Planning a group trip successfully with the least stress

Planning a group trip Planning a group trips has several advantages. It could help teams to bond or helping to cut travel costs. Arranging a group trip can however be a nightmare. The excitement of having the group trip vanishes when you have to plan out the details. Whether you love or you have reluctantly […]