Advantages and disadvantages of the road trip

Many people are wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of the road trip. The road trip is primarily a vacation style and the question is whether it will suit you or not and it can meet your holiday expectations. Here is a small list of advantages and disadvantages, although these are unique to everyone and that fans of the genre will see only benefits. Imagine a road trip from New York to San Francisco. Maybe you’re going to visit twin peaks while you’re there. That will help you set the mood for reading this article.

highway with road trip text on it

Benefits of the road trip


This is the very principle of the road trip. We return to our nomadic origins to move regularly. The advantage is to see the scenery, take breathtaking roads by their beauty while moving from one point to another.

Seeing a maximum of things according to the time allotted

Usually, a road trip is well filled, the mobility side makes it possible to explore large regions, the Canadian provinces or the American states. It can often make good use of time and find a compromise between many things to see and time used to discover them. Attention contrary to what we believe, it is better to plan your road trip especially if you have limited time.

Exit the tourist circuits

The big advantage of the road trip compared to organized tours (although some are called road trips) is that it allows you to think outside the box, to go elsewhere, to take your time to visit what interests us, and to move faster on other things.

The unexpected

It’s part of the road trip. Points to discover on the way, a hook to see a point of view, a stop along a river, a detour to go through a Scenic Byway, a stop in the middle of nowhere, … Even planned, the mobility that will get you the road trip will leave plenty of room for the unexpected and discoveries you did not expect.

Disadvantages of the road trip

Little rest

The road trip offers little time to rest and idleness. But again, it’s a question of choice. If you opt for the choice of car + camping, you will have to assemble and disassemble the tent very often, hurry to visit a maximum of things on the allotted time … However, nothing prevents you to take 2-3 days in the middle of the one to relax, it’s up to you.

Lack of comfort on a road trip

The lack of comfort can sometimes become heavy for some. Indeed, not everyone wants to spend several weeks in a tent sleeping on a mattress. But this is once again choice and budget. Between cutting your road trip nights in a motel, or rent a camper to gain comfort are choices for which you can opt.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the road trip. Do not think of all the little hassles that could slow you down and leave to taste the joys of the road trip.

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